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Introduction Video: Finding the Right Fit

In this video, I discuss the importance of finding a therapist who is the right fit for you.  Unfortunately, clients can sometimes leave treatment feeling like therapy was unsuccessful, due to the therapist’s style or approach. By discussing what style works best for you, we can begin to create a strong relationship and ultimately a successful therapeutic experience. 

What is Trauma Therapy?

In this video, I discuss the phases to trauma work. Phase One focuses around developing safety. In Phase Two we begin to unpack the trauma while employing skills learned from Phase One. In Phase Three, clients begin to feel a sense of healing and are supported in developing a new sense of self and purpose. 

Brene Brown: Empathy versus Sympathy

Attachment Styles

Ever wonder why you pick the type of partners you pick? By identifying your attachment style we can discover what “unfinished work” from your past you may be reenacting in your present relationships.

Teaching Children Self Regulation

Cookie Monster Practices Self Control

NPR invites a special guest to help teach children the importance of self control.

- From NPR’s Life Kit Parenting Podcast

DIY: Calm Down Kit

Teaching children how to regulate takes practice. Knowing what to do with ourselves to allow our body to de-escalate can be tough. Take the guess work out of it by creating a Calm Down Kit.

-From “Proud to be Primary”

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